The Buffalo Evening Times – June 2nd, 1899

We’ve made some progress since our last post in 2014.  The house certainly isn’t done, but we at least have a remodeled parlor.  Goodbye to cracked plaster, hello fresh drywall.  I miss the plaster; it told a story.  But it had fought the good fight since the 1890s and had earned its rest in a hole in Lewiston.  Also, while taking down the plaster, I made a few interesting discoveries.  Here is the first of them: a copy of the Buffalo Evening Times from June 2nd, 1899.  Now older than any known living human.  It had been stuffed into the wall cavity all those years ago, and popped out during demolition.  The paper is extremely brittle, and did not particularly enjoy being unrolled after a century and change.  My preservation methods are probably less sophisticated than the Smithsonian’s.  But here you go, a little snapshot of life in Buffalo back in the glory days.  Enjoy.