We now have a kitchen.  The long wait is over; we can cook, bake, wash and refrigerate, all in one convenient space.  Until the kitchen came together, we were using a single electric burner on a small counter top in front parlor.  While the dual challenge of extreme space efficiency and very limited means is an interesting one, we are glad to leave that exercise behind us. 

The space the kitchen now occupies started out as a bedroom.  After removing the plaster, lath and old wiring, the first step was to install a carrier beam to remove the bedroom wall but not the structural support of the second floor.  Always remember: weight, like electricity, needs a safe path to the ground.  The photo below is of the false wall built to allow the removal of the old wall, prior to the installation of the beam.Image


And there’s the beam in the upper left corner.  Plus: drywall.  I went with the recessed lights for more lumens without the clutter.  Image


Drywall finished, painted.  VCT floor installed.  Spent a solid day prepping the subfloor before laying down luan underlayment.    We went with Venetian blinds because of the windows’s proximity to the oven.  The range is gas, and I do not need the excitement of open flames plus fabric curtains.Image


All of a sudden, cabinets, stove, dishwasher & sink!  Just like that.  Ha ha.  Sure does take a lot of finagling to get it all together.  It’s a giant puzzle that, if done right, makes your life better in a direct and wonderful way.  Just don’t get it wrong.  Or you house will EXPLODE!  Hey, it could happen.  Many thanks to DM for handing us pretty much the entire cabinet and appliance set.  The microwave is courtesy of D&D way out in CO.  Nothing saves money like hand-me-downs.  That truism is well known to house-fixers the world over, and certainly no less here in Buffalo.  A. & I are proud to be carrying on that glorious tradition.  Also thanks to neighbor MJW for helping us with the floor and cabinets, and ND & NL for putting in work on the insulation and drywall.  Team effort.

That wooden squirrel is a gift from my aunt & uncle.  It not only adds a certain woodland serenity to the stovetop, its ears are also used to pull a hot oven rack out when needed.Image


Always check your appliances before roughing in your plumbing, gas & electric.  I had to move the gas line to the stove over by six inches once I realized the original placement kept me from putting the stove all the way against the wall.  Fortunately, it is a first floor kitchen so a bit of pipe wrenching and a wood bore did the trick.Image


I should also mention that the sink even has hot water.  We had a tankless water heater installed a few weeks ago, and the unit will also handle radiant floor heat.  I have not installed any of the radiant piping yet, but boy won’t that be nice!  For next winter, anyway.  We have a mirror over the sink because we still do not have anything but a construction-grade half-bath in the back of the house, as mentioned in A.’s last post.  But the future full bath is underway and is just about ready for insulation and drywall.

Plenty of finishing touches left, like baseboard on the exterior wall and the cabinet toe kick, crown molding on the top of the cabinet faces, paint touch-up, and putting the bell of that chandelier into its proper place (the light is a gift from my mother, by the way).  But all the important parts are there and functional.     Image


The kitchen in action:Image


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