The wood stove has been hooked up for two weeks now.  We love it.  Nothing like a piping hot stove on a cold night.  I see a forecast high of twenty five for Sunday, which would be a much scarier thing if we were just using the two electric heaters we had before.  But the wood is stocked and waiting, so things will be all right. 

The wood stove has also been great for drying joint compound, aka “mud”.  I now have the finish coat of mud on the walls, and will be sanding it in the next time I have a few hours free.  Hopefully very soon.  Then we can paint the walls and do the kitchen floor, and after that install cabinets and fixtures.  Not too far from having a completed, functional kitchen.  It’s a great milestone, especially with the winter coming on.  The winter is much better when you have a good place to make a hot meal.  Looking forward to it very much.

We have also been taking advantage of few forty-degree days to get more work done on siding repair.  Hopefully we will have something picture-worthy soon.  At this point we will probably have to wait until the spring to paint the new pieces of clapboard, unless we are lucky with a random fifty degree day in late January.  Hey, it has happened before.  In history.  The side door I installed Julyish finally has a set of stairs to go with it, which is a wonderful thing.  I took some of the bricks from the chimneys we dismantled and made a little walking pad in front of the steps, to avoid the scourge of mudfoot.  A light by the door will be a spring/summer project.

All the while we have been doing weatherization projects, especially since we are heating part of the house now.  We still have a few basement windows to reglass and paint, and I am in the process of building a concrete block wall to separate the basement from the space under the front porch.  When we bought it, the two were one.  That cannot be allowed.  Same situation at the back of the house, where the basement meets the crawlspace under the shed roof addition.  Just a giant opening to let local critters come in and get out of the wind.  That, at least, is now fully shut and insulated.

So on we go, through November.


3 thoughts on “November

  1. I know that sometimes it must feel like slow going, but I am always amazed how much progress y’all make from day to day. The steps look great, by the way, and so did the part of the kitchen Cris and I saw on Skype last week!

  2. You guys have done a smash up job so far!
    There are homes here in Tennessee for very cheap but they are so far into the ghetto that it isn’t safe for common people to live there anymore because of so much theft, drive by shootings and street corner drug dealings.
    In 1997 we tried to fix up my grandmother’s old house and ended up spending $20,000 for repairs and what not on the home not worth more than $11,000 on paper. (We did learn a few things about what we want in a home of our own next time.)

  3. Just to let you know I’ve been keeping up on your blog since this past winter. I am not sure how I found it….what an adventure you have experienced! I don’t think I’m likely to find any homes here in the Toronto area for $1000…land is high in demand around here.
    Anyways, good luck with everything!

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