Roof! Windows!!

We thought long and hard about the roof.  Metal or shingles?  DIY or pay a roofer?  Ultimately it came down to the fact that we have so much to do on this house and a fixed amount of time and money.  Metal roofs are wonderful but expensive.  Doing your own roof saves money but takes way more time, plus we would have used up all of our friends’ labor on the job they like the least (having all gone through DIY roofing experiences over the years.) So time/friendships saved by hiring, and money saved by not getting a metal roof.

2013-10-08 09.54.59

The price of a roof gets you an army of guys (no ladies on this job anyway) who get a new roof on in TWO DAYS.  Plus tons of ladders and shiny trucks.

Having a new roof makes a huge psychological difference already.  Here’s the before, if you need to be reminded:


And here’s the after.

2013-10-09 08.14.50

(or the end of Roof Day 1)

You might notice some other differences too!  We’ve primed this side and the front in tinted primer.  Kevin replaced the front window on the second floor with one the same size as the one next to it, found elsewhere in the house.  A ground floor window was replaced with a door.  Underneath the door is a bottle window my friends helped me do.  The windows are all restored – a process involving stripping the old paint, repairing any weak points, repainting, reglazing, and rehanging.

There’s still more – replacing the siding that had to come off, priming the other side and painting the whole thing, fixing that porch – but now when you drive down our street you don’t assume it’s abandoned.

Oh and there are windows in the front now!

2013-10-05 13.06.48

(I’m going to paint the sashes blue when I have a minute)

The bottom windows are restored wood windows; the top ones were broken, missing, and potentially salvageable with a ton of work that we would have done if the other ones weren’t missing and broken (in that order.)  So we replaced that mess with vinyl replacement windows.  No regrets there.

Obviously there’s some fancy trim painting to do still.  STAY TUNED.

And as far as being able to live in the house come winter – we’ve done a lot of the wiring and the plumbing is roughed in, which means we can insulate and drywall soon.  And we’re pondering how to heat the house in the long term, and in the meantime there’s a woodstove to install…


4 thoughts on “Roof! Windows!!

  1. It’s amazing the difference a new roof and a coat of primer can make! The house looks great, and I can’t wait to come back and help out some more.

  2. That looks a lot better! I am curious how much the roofing company charged you. Having you been keeping track of all the expenses you have incurred? Such a list would be a great resource for anybody thinking about undertaking a similar rehab.

    • We have a specific budget for this house and have been working within it – so yes, we keep track of our expenses. I’ll think more about how I feel about giving specific numbers, but for now – the amount we paid was neither the highest nor lowest estimate we got. Roofing prices vary drastically around the country, also – definitely worth asking around locally for recommendations re: roofers and what you should expect to pay…

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