Wrapping Up the Summer

Well now, I do believe it’s been awhile since we last posted.  If this morning is any indication, summer is definitely over before fall officially begins on Sunday (at 4:44 PM).  Suffice it to say, we have been busy.  Scraping & painting, replacing clapboard, repairing foundation, fixing windows, building walls, overhauling a roof, running new electrical wires and getting things ready for a plumber to rough in a bathroom and kitchen.  It has been a heck of a summer.

2013-08-12 18.36.28 20130809_155348IMG_1140

Of course, with winter coming we are only reminded of how much more we need to do before we can make it through the winter in anything approaching comfort.  There is where the pioneer experience really kicks in.  We purchased a used wood stove last night, and we look forward to piping it in soon.  But there is still not a scrap of insulation in the house, and we have a good few things to do before we can get there.

So, for now, the plan of action is closing up the last of the holes in the house, running some gas line to the old furnace in the basement, getting as much painting done as possible before it gets too cold, and getting things ready to insulate.  With the weather changing, we will have no lack of motivation.  Oh, and we should remember to stockpile some wood for that stove, too.



As per the New York State motto, “Excelsior!”