Good to know

  • I learned the other week that our house was still on the demolition list.  Fellow broken house buyers: it’s worthwhile to follow up and make sure that after the sale is finalized, someone notifies the Demolition office and your house is removed from the list.  Apparently it’s as easy as getting Real Estate to call or email the Demo office.
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.48.56 AM

A good goal for a work holiday is “fill the dumpster”

  • If the scheduled monthly meeting of the City appraisal board doesn’t have quorum, the meeting doesn’t happen.  If the meeting doesn’t happen, your appraisal can’t get approved and the sale of your broken house can’t move forward.  This has happened four months in a row now, according to a friend trying to buy a City-owned demolition list property not far from ours.  If you want to know why buying a house from the City can take over a year, it’s things like this.
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If you have four chimneys and only two are usable, you have two chimney’s worth of bricks with which to make things like a scrap wood burnin’ pit

  • The county clerk is about 6 months to a year behind on issuing deeds.  If you need to prove that you own your house in the meantime (say, getting your water service hooked back up,) they will give you a certified document for around $7 that says so.
If a cast iron sits on a wood floor under a leaking roof long enough, you get this situation

If a cast iron bathtub sits on a wood floor under a leaking roof long enough, you get this situation

  • If you need to talk to someone at the water meter shop, go in the morning.  Afternoons are crowded and the phone is impossible.
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.50.17 AM

Scrap wood burnin’ pit

  • People care about reusing lath!  The broken house scene is totally overrun with lath and most people I know either dump it or burn it, but an artist in Brooklyn got in touch through this blog about taking some of ours and it’s good to know that theoretically you don’t have to trash the stuff.  There’s also a place you can drop it off in town to get reused (will ask the friend who knows where and update this post,) and I’ve talked to people who have actually sold lath elsewhere.  Rusted Grain makes stuff out of lath too.

And a short update on our place: power is on, indoor demolition is 3/4 done, water gets turned on next month, we’re doing ~1 work holiday per month and have been getting excellent help from friends and family that way, and we’re going to paint the outside a different shade of green once the weather gets warmer.