It took us almost eleven months from the submission of our purchase proposal to City Hall, but we are finally the owners of the Green Monster.  Since first seeing the place, closer to a year.  Add to that the six months or so we spent on the dead-end of 247 Rhode Island St, and it is a bit strange to finally own a house in Buffalo.  Going in, we never thought it would take so long.  Now, A. and I have joined the club of jaded Buffalo homeowners who chuckle when some bright-eyed kid starts talking about their house dream.  We ought to keep a cache of airplane-sized bottles of whiskey to give those twenty-something innocents.

But I digress.  Closing itself is a fairly straightforward process, for all that it takes to get there.  It takes place at the Erie County Clerk’s office, in the County Courthouse downtown.  A representative of the Division of Real Estate meets you at the Clerk’s office, you look over the deed, may your payment for garbage user fee (oh that fee), hand over your certified check for the amount of the purchase (minus the 10% deposit required back at the purchase contract signing), and then go see a secretary of the clerk to record the deed and pay the required transfer tax and filing fee.  And just like that, your fee simple interest in the house is recognized by the reigning authority in the land.  That is to say, you own the rights and privileges pertaining to the specified parcel of land, including all improvements thereupon.  I mean, you own the house.  As long as you feed the beast and pay the taxes.

Now, we just have to figure out how to get some new garbage totes, to take advantage of our paid-for City services.


5 thoughts on “Closing

  1. Do you have any idea how long it takes to acquire a house through the Homestead program. Considering going through that, but I am having trouble finding anyone who has gone through it.

    • I know a few people who have gone through the Homestead program – will ask around about how long it takes. I should probably do a specific post on it but we don’t have internet at this place yet (or hot water) – A.

    • Asked a friend who’s homesteading on the West Side, she said it took a few months. It’s far easier than purchasing a house from the city that’s homestead-ineligible…

      • Thank you. I was still waiting on a reply from city hall. Sort of thinking of looking more to the East Side. Not sure yet. : )

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