Updates to City Real Estate Dept. web site

The City of Buffalo web site is chock full of information, but you have to put on your computer boots and bring a brain shovel to find it.  I just came across what appear to be some updates to the Real Estate department’s web site.  Behold:


As of Dec 19th, 2012, that address gives you a navigation bar on the left side of the screen with headings such as “Vacant land information,”Public buildings for sale,” and “Residential property for sale.”  Clicking the “Residential property for sale” link brings you to a column style listing of some residential properties offered by the City.  The list is not complete, but I would hazard a guess that this format is much easier to update than the City Buys catalog, the likes of which is current to last March and no longer appears to be linked on the RE dept’s page.  Cha-cha-changes.

Hopefully the updates to the Real Estate department’s web page are just beginning, and soon there will be sensible, info-rich electrons just flying all over the place.  How’s that for optimism?  I would love to see up-to-date and complete listings of houses available, including those on the demolition list.  Unfortunately, the view in the past seems to have been that a demo-stamped house is no longer worth marketing for sale.  Given how freely houses get marked that way, I disagree.


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