In the name of due diligence, we are waiting on our completed title search and property survey before finally closing on the house.  In two to three weeks time, we should be at that day.  In the mean time, might as well do some planning and design.  With November upon us and December looming over our prospective closing, the Green Monster will probably not get its much needed paint job before 2013.  But windows are a more pressing concern.  We have a number of the original wood windows still on the house, and most of those have been visited by the rock fairy. So the sashes will need to be removed, reglazed and repainted.  That means at least our sash color will need to be decided soon.

We plan to install storm windows over the old wood windows, and fortunately storm windows are now available in colors beyond white, brown and silver mill finish.  Here’s an example palette.  It makes sense to me to match storm window to sash, so the former determines the latter.  So the question is: what colors to paint the house?  As for me, I’d be happy keeping the current color scheme, but I tend to keep the same haircut for ten years or so.  Choices, choices.