Weekly Check-In

What a beautiful day outside.  Would be a great day for working on an old house!  With that in mind, I made my weekly check-in phone call with the Real Estate Department.  It is very important to be a squeaky wheel when dealing with a bureaucracy, so you do not get forgotten about and your file used as ballast to keep City Hall from rising up out of the ground and floating into space.  I’ve settled on a weekly call, partly because I do not have the time and energy to be making daily phone calls, and partly because I imagine that there is a place where you can become too annoying to the folks upstairs.  Just a theory.  Today’s phone call did not yield specifics, but I did get a sense (not much to go on, but…) that things were moving forward after getting stuck for a few weeks.  I was even told that we might get a phone call in the next few days with more information about closing.  So, while I do not have any hard facts, I do have soft clues that sound good.  We’ll see.


P.S.  If you are considering buying a fixer-upper at the upcoming tax auction (Oct. 29, 30 and 31), the list has been updated twice since our first post on the subject, and is now current to October 22nd.  You will notice that the list is shorter, due to property owners paying their back taxes and taking their buildings off the list.  Also, be aware that the three days of the tax auction are organized by tax district.  Properties in Districts 1 through 4 go up for sale on Monday, Districts 5 through 10 on Tuesday and Districts 11 through 14 on Wednesday.  See the notice at the front page of the City of Buffalo’s web site:  http://www.ci.buffalo.ny.us/

You can check the Tax District of a particular property on the list by finding that column in the Excel file (Column G, it appears).  Here again is the link to the list of properties:  InRem 46 Foreclosure Properties.


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