The “Proper Channels”

October is more than half past, but we still do not have a closing date from the Real Estate people down at City Hall.  Why?  Well, at this point I just do not know.  Two weeks ago, I was told flat out that the office had more important things to be doing than closing on our purchase of the house.  Other deadlines had come up, and we just don’t rank.  Now, it is not as if we had just shown up at their door a week before.  We have been in this process since March 1st.  No matter.  This past week I called again, and now it seems that our file is deep in the bowels of the process, seeking the “proper channels”.  Something about somebody’s supervisor needing to shuffle a paper to some other supervisor, and such and such.  I was not given specifics, which sort of scares me.  I am also a little surprised at how little power the Real Estate department has to close on real estate transactions.  Whodda thunk it?  So we must wait for the right papers to move through the right hands, behind the curtain.

Each time that I have called in the last few weeks, I get an estimate of a month, give or take, no guarantees whatsoever.  Looks like it’s going to be a heck of a month.


One thought on “The “Proper Channels”

  1. That just hurts! Hopefully this is a darkest before the dawn kinda thing and City Hall will break loose and complete their end.

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