Other fish in this sea – 247 Rhode Island

This house is a heartbreaker.  We tried to buy it before getting too mired in the bureaucracy involved in negotiating a half-completed foreclosure and deciding to go for a property with a clearer legal status.  If someone had more time to spend acquiring the property and the wherewithal to do a little house fixin’, they’d have one gorgeous home and the satisfaction of having saved it from senseless demolition.

image shamelessly yanked from Google Maps

It’s located in a neighborhood on the West Side where we’ve spent a considerable amount of time – several friends have fixed up houses on a nearby block.  It’s not in bad shape, considering over two years of vacancy.  There are gorgeous wood floors, original doors and trim, and it’s a big house (three unit, could be two.)  And!  There is a four car garage behind it.  It’s not in great shape, but think of all that useful space.

Anyway, if anyone’s interest is piqued, get in touch and we can give you all the help and useful information we picked up along the way.  I made the mistake of getting attached to this guy before the deal was ever close to certain, and would hate to see it consigned to memory, another empty hole in a thriving neighborhood…

p.s. more news on the Green Monster could be coming as early as next week, when the Common Council returns from recess.  Cross your fingers and toes!


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