Tax Auction in October

As per tradition, tax auction information always seems very hard to find through the City web site, or any other City source for that matter.  But I did find a listing for the auction at the Buffalo Convention Center web site.  October 29th to October 31st, folks. 

The auction is your once-a-year, every-man-for-himself, no-holds-barred, lock-up-your-pets-and-scrap-metal chance to pick up a fixer-upper with some degree of expediency.  Eventually a list will be be put out by the City, perhaps by leaving a paper copy on a park bench somewhere (or an Excel file on the City web site), and you will have a chance to do whatever research you deem wise and mostly legal.  Some properties will drop off the list at auction time by last-hour tax and utility payments; it’s all part of the game.

I am fairly sure that properties unsold at the auction are taken possession of by the City, which is a dim fate. 

So there you go, two months to go.  Association game: having the tax auction on the days leading up to Halloween makes me think of the movie The Crow.  Hmm.




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