Other Fish in This Sea – 557 East Utica

While we while away the days until Common Council comes back from vacation, here is an example of the many other Buffalo rehab opportunities waiting for any bold and ready folks out there.

557 East Utica

Time is tight on this one, as the house was only saved from a planned demolition by a thirty-day stay.  And that was in late July.  So an interested person should waste no time in checking out the house in person (from the outside, you would need a City approval and a  maintenance employee escort to get inside legally).  If you are interested and ready to jump in, contact David Torke of fixBuffalo blog.

The house is a lovely late nineteenth century home with plenty of interior woodwork still intact and piles of potential.  It has had a bit of a rough time at the hands of the asbestos abatement crew, but the bones are good and there is plenty to preserve and restore.  Also, two vacant lots next door if you are into gardening or just like a big yard.

Even better, there are several great neighbors on this street, including the house next door.  It is hard to overstate how important that can be when getting into a deep rehab.  Neighbors are the ones who will watch over the house while you are working on it, and good neighbors can offer you a support network during the process.  They will cheer you on your dirtiest, toughest days of hauling out debris and tearing out heinous mid-century “downdates”.  And they will be who you see on the porches next to you in the years of happy living that follow your rehab.

It has been an exciting few years for Buffalo in the old houses, fixed up department.  Here’s to hoping that this one makes it, and that one less beautiful old home goes toward filling a hole.


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