I learned today that the Community Development committee that we have been sent to may have a meeting coming up on July 31st, instead of some unknown time in September.  The trick now is laying the groundwork for that to be a productive meeting, and not just another step in the long delay.  If we can, we would like to attend this meeting to address any issues that might arise.  Anything to keep this thing from getting stuck in the committee mud.  We do not know if there is still a chance of beating the August recess that Common Council takes.

These wild mood swings are an interesting change of pace from the process prior to the last few weeks.  For months it was nothing but waiting and waiting and the occasional morsel thrown down from City Hall.  Now it’s either eager anticipation or the specter of racing the snow to get the roof done.  Oi.


2 thoughts on “Hope?

  1. Agent K & Agent A:

    I was turned on to your blog by The Morning Grumpy & appreciate what you’re doing. Buffalo needs to make it a WHOLE lot easier for folks like you to do what you’re doing. I recently wrote an article for Artvoice about the new land bank, and I fervently hope that as the land bank gets up and running that it will greatly improve the situation. If you have any suggestions for the land bank, or want to see if they can help you with this building, the City of Buffalo contact is Jennifer Sepulveda in the planning office. The County contact (it’s a joint City-County land bank) is Maria Whyte’s office (Environment and Planning).

    A link to my article is below. Please feel free to drop me an email so we can stay in touch. I’m currently working on rehabbing a vacant house on the west side!


    • Thanks for getting in touch. The land bank seems like an important step forward in dealing with vacancy and the excessive bureaucracy that surround it. Hopefully some fresh voices are heard in the process; anything that puts attention on revamping these current rusty mechanisms is good by me. Good to hear from a fellow rehabber, hope your project has been going well!

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