Ups, and then Downs

On Friday we learned the good news that we had managed to get on the agenda for Tuesday’s (today) Common Council meeting.  We were hoping we would be quickly approved, because why would the Common Council of the City of Buffalo not want this to happen?  Things were looking up.  

Today, I learned that the Common Council sent our proposal to committee.  A planning committe that does not meet until September.  Until then, we may be stuck.  This does not sound good.  We do not yet know why this happened, so we are hanging to the sliver of hope that this is a procedural step we did not know about and it will be quickly resolved.  But the part of me that remembers the past five months of this process is quite concerned.

More details to come, as we learn them.  At this pace, the October tax foreclosure auction is starting to look like our best alternative, should the City continue to shut us down.  Even so, we both love our Green Monster and will not give up on it just yet.

Buffalo, we just want to live in your fair city and fix up a house.  Can that just be okay?.


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