… and now we wait.

A. and I would like to thank everyone who is reading our blog and passing it along.  This process can only benefit from transparency.  There are a lot of good folks in Buffalo who are concerned about the problem of vacant, decaying homes, since this one problem ties into so many other important problems.  Infrastructure, education, economy, you name it.  It’s a, well, a Ball of Confusion!  Ok, I’m getting carried away.

For now though, we would like to ask anyone who has been advocating for us to take a step back and let things settle for a bit.  You are doing the good work, and we greatly appreciate it.  But now it is time to sit back and let City Hall do its work.  We are hoping to see some real progress on our story soon, and this blog will be the first place it is announced.  Stay tuned.  Enjoy the (dry) weather.


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