Previously in broken houses

As we walked through the house we’re trying to buy with the city-approved appraiser we’d hired, he kept looking more and more grim as the somewhat busted state of the structure became obvious.  At one point he asked me, “Have you guys ever rehabbed a property before?”

The place we live in now was once the cheapest commercial property up for sale in Niagara County, which is why K. and a friend could afford to buy it years ago.  Why was it so cheap?  Years of neglect.  Everything in the building had to be fixed: replacing the roof, repointing the brick masonry, removing literally tons of plaster and lath, dealing with years of water damage through two floors, tearing down and rebuilding walls, electrical, plumbing, you name it.

Fixing up this building led K. to the work he does now, historic preservation.  And it introduced us both to the possibility of being able to repair a broken house and make it into our home.

If a rickety old building that we literally worried would fall down on us if the wind blew too hard could be rehabbed into a home for four people and a business downstairs, with lots of hard work we’ll be able to fix this house too.


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